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26 September 2022

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From 1st November 2022 patients will be able to access their full medical records online through the NHS app to view things such as consultation notes, test results, referral information and hospital letters. This is part of the NHS long term plan commitment to provide patients with digital access to their health records.

Patients will only be able to access entries entered after 1st November 2022. Should patients wish to access historic records then they will need to put a request through to us using the NHS app.

How this can benefit patients?

Online record access enables patients to become partners in managing their own health by:

  • Giving patients a better understanding of their health and the ability to self-care.
  • Allows patients to prepare for upcoming appointments with a record of previous interactions.
  • Reduces the need for patients to contact us to get test results, referral notifications & copies of hospital letters.
  • Enables patients to flag up potential inaccuracies or mistakes within their medical record.

What is the NHS app?

The NHS app allows patients to manage their health digitally through their mobile device. It is available for free for Android and iOS through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively. The app will allow you to view your NHS COVID pass, order repeat prescriptions, book appointments, get health advice, update your organ donation decision and, from 1st November 2022, allow you to view your full medical records.

To access your NHS account, you will need to set up an NHS login and prove who you are. Your NHS account then securely connects to information from our surgery. If your device supports fingerprint detection or facial recognition, you can use it to log in to your NHS account each time, instead of using a password and security code.

Download it FREE from the Apple Store (Apple device) or the Google Play Store (Android device)

App Store Image Google Play Image

When you register in the app, there will be a series of checks to confirm your identity. You WILL NOT have to go into your surgery to register if you have a passport or photo card driving licence.

The process to set up your NHS login is explained in the following video:

You can read more and access the NHS login help centre at NHS login.

You can choose to log in using fingerprint recognition, facial recognition or username and password of your choice.

You can also access NHS App services from the browser on your desktop or laptop computer.

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